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Prayers for all the sacred spaces all over the world and those who go there to pray

In contemplating the horrific news coming out of Atlanta – a situation where a gunman “entered the church calmly, shot the victim, and calmly left the building.”

Calmly entered a place of worship. Shot someone who was leading a prayer service. Then left. Calmly.

What in the world?

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Surely there will be much commentary about the church where this took place – World Changers Church – pastored by Creflo Dollar (who is no stranger to controversy), but right now, it feels right to offer prayers for all the sacred spaces all over the world, and those who go there to pray.  May they find a safe space to connect with the Divine.

Prayers also to the church volunteer who lost his life, and the friends and family of that individual.


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