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Family is the first congregation…a My52WOW blessing

Yesterday, I had a wonderful opportunity to share my cultural heritage with children at a school on Chicago’s South Side. My friend and fellow Nigerian sister-in-creativity, Ugochi, invited me to share my life with some eager children who were studying Nigeria as part of their curriculum for the summer. I along with a number of … Continue reading

A New My52WOW Book Club Pick…Because I Care

Finally, after six long months, I finished the last My52WOW Book Club pick, Kabbalah for the Layman by Rav Berg. Hurray! It was the first book pick of the year…and now it’s July! And I admit – I stopped and started, and stopped again –sometimes for weeks- before starting again. I am certain I read … Continue reading

Hidden Heart: A Documentary on Interfaith Relationships

I was wandering around Twitter the other day, when I found a touching trailer for a movie called The Hidden Heart. The director of this movie-in-the-making is Dara Afzal. Dara shares the background of this documentary on her site, saying: “My journey began in making this film in December 2010, the inspiration came of the back of … Continue reading

Some Wisdom from The Earth Center – Life is not a combat…

In Week 49 of My First 52 Weeks of this project, I was a guest at The Earth Center in Chicago. I just received this gem of wisdom in an email from The Earth Center. I thought I would share it. What do you think about it? For more information about The Earth Center, visit http://theearthcenter.org/

Italy’s Singing Nun Wows Again on The Voice- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I just love Sister Cristina. She made me smile the first time I saw her perform on the Voice. She rocks, and her friends, the dancing team of support nuns do too! “Sister Cristina, 25, lives in a convent in Milan. Singing was always her passion. Now she’s a television star — with the New York Times … Continue reading

What does the Vatican say about you auditioning at The Voice?

Enjoy this delightful clip of a Silician Nun auditioning for the Italian Voice, singing Alicia Keys  and winning over the audience I have to say, I love to see examples of multi-dimensional individuals who have a strong faith. This clip warmed  my heart. Watch it all the way through if you can – and if … Continue reading

My 52 Weeks of Worship on The Lisa Oz Show

To watch the segment, visit http://youtu.be/doa7vI2UPvw.

My 52 Weeks of Worship on The Lisa Oz Show, 2/18 8pm EST

One of the cherished blessings of this ongoing journey with My 52 Weeks of Worship Project is the ability I have had to share my story with audiences of varying sizes and in various places. I am so excited to share that I will be doing that on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 8PM EST … Continue reading

First My52WOW Book Club Pick for 2014: Kabbalah for the Layman

So, I blazed through the last book club pick, and I really enjoyed it. It was the kind of book that I will have to use as a reference, however. Lots of great meditations and exercises to help you neutralize fear, stay in the moment and face your fears head on. I’m glad I made my way … Continue reading

You may have heard of speed-dating, but have you heard of speed-faithing?

I found this article and it made me laugh. My global, spiritual, interfaith journey took 52 weeks, 1 week at a time (well, truly, it continues to this day, but that was what kicked off the project). Little did I know that I could have condensed my experience into one night of speed-faithing. Googling it … Continue reading


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