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Real Housewives of the Bible

Hearing alot of buzz around this on the web… What do you think? Here is the promo ad: For more information visit http://www.ity.tv

And the winner was…

10:30 AM Service, Christ Universal Temple, Chicago, Illinois. Thanks so much to my friend Deanna for inviting me. The service was surprisingly delightful, and on point, and I enjoyed catching up with an old friend and having a fresh worship experience. I have a good idea what my next worship experience will be, given that … Continue reading

Christian Leaders in Malaysia denounce curbs on worship

  Christian leaders of all denominations have called on the government  to commit itself to removing all impediments to the importation, publication, distribution and use of the Malay-language Bible, called the Alkitab. The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) issued a statement yesterday following a joint meeting in which they described “the current controversy surrounding the … Continue reading

Malaysia: Muslim clerics ban ‘poco-poco’ dance citing ‘Christian roots’

Kuala Lumpur, 1 April (AKI) – Muslim clerics in Malaysia have issued a fatwa banning the ”poco-poco” – a popular dance they say has Christian roots. Synchronised steps among dancers make the sign of the cross, according to clerics in Malaysia’s Perak state. It is not yet clear if the ban is legally binding, cleric … Continue reading

Family, Forgiveness, and Fortitude: February 21, 2010: The Church of the Apostles, 10:30 AM service, with my mom and sisters

 By Pamay Bassey  On a Sunny Sunday afternoon, about six months after my dad passed away, my sisters and I piled in a car with my mom and headed to a church that was right around the corner from our high school, The Westminster Schools, in Atlanta’s Buckhead community. This church was not there when … Continue reading

Christmas celebrations from across the world

As Christmas Eve became Christmas Day around the world, services and celebrations marked the holiday. http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/12/24/world.christmas.eve/index.html?hpt=T2