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Praise for My 52 Weeks of Worship

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In a world heavily driven by materialism and self-interest, we’re all hungering for the deeper things of life. Deeper outlooks. Deeper human intimacy. And a deeper understanding of self and spirituality. This is precisely what makes My 52 Weeks of Worship a timely response to society’s yearning for more of those things that matter most. Pamay Bassey graciously takes readers on the journey of a lifetime, asking them to go to the innermost parts of the human soul in hopes that transformation awaits on the other side. This is about much more than one woman’s walk with God; this is about the emotions and experiences that bind us as a global family. – Rahiel Tesfamariam, Founder / Editorial Director, UrbanCusp.com

My 52 Weeks of Worship is a clever and unusual look at one woman’s journey to regain her spirituality. Pamay Bassey has done what most people could never even imagine–spending one day each week in a different house of worship. That effort and commitment taught her the universality of community, the joy of sharing, the importance of respect, and the pride that people who are committed to religion feel about their churches, synagogues, and mosques. Most of all, she learned that there is dignity in worship–however you practice it–and that all people must find their own way to a more fulfilling life. We can all learn from her experience.

-Andrea Atkins, writer, Women’s Day Magazine: Personal Story about Religion – Inspiring Stories about Women: How I made over my faith

It takes a strong and courageous individual to launch herself into unknown territory in the midst of vast and devastating unfamiliarity. Yet, this is just what Pamay Bassey did when her world was transformed by a series of deeply impactful events. In the face of uncertainty, she commenced a search for God that took her into a variety of geographical regions, liturgical spaces and interfaith worship experiences. Her story is one of insatiable faith, holy curiosity and Womanist courage. Furthermore, there is nothing quite like hearing her story straight from her lips. Her telling captures how a season of personal loss and struggle was eclipsed by her discovery of God in the most unlikely locales, and how this discovery continues to enlighten her human experience. There is something for all to hear and learn from her story.

-Rev. Neichelle Guidry Jones, Ordained elder in the Kingdom Council of Christian Churches and Ministries; Associate Pastor to Young Adults, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, Illinois

My 52 Weeks of Worship is a gem of a source of inspiration for anyone going through difficult times or pondering the big life questions. I’m completely taken with the way Pamay Bassey not only took a very personal experience of loss and channeled it into a journey of exploration, but more so with the way that she is now sharing her journey with others.

-Erin Mason, PhD, Assistant Professor of Counseling, DePaul University

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3 thoughts on “The Book

  1. I heard about your book on Chicago Public Radio. It’s a facinating journey that you’ve went on. Thanks for having the courage to take such a journey and share it with the public.

    Posted by Jeff | April 10, 2012, 7:37 am
  2. This book seems interesting;living in an era of intolerence the book might be an oasis.

    Posted by Dwight Smith | September 14, 2012, 9:35 am

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