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My name is Cassandra Barney…and I am a Mormon

It is always interesting to see a different perspective on the life of someone committed to a particular faith.

My Mormon Sister’s Big Fat Turkish Muslim Wedding

  Elna Baker found headscarves, henna, and smuggled hooch at her sister’s multicultural nuptials—not to mention a whole new sense of what family can be. Because my older sister Tina was marrying a Turkish Muslim instead of a fellow Mormon, the Mormon bishop at the microphone had been instructed not to use religious words in … Continue reading

Church for single Mormons in Crystal City comes with pressure to marry

To heck with a singles ministry, or social groups for singles…how would you like it if everyone at your church was single (for my married friends, try to think back) – and that it was architected by the church? Interesting.   -emb   It’s Tuesday night Bible study, which at this Crystal City Mormon chapel … Continue reading

Me and the Mormons. March 14, 2010: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Lost Mountain Ward, Powder Springs, GA.

By Pamay Bassey So, I was back in Atlanta to help my mother out with some house-related tasks. When Sunday rolled around, I knew that I needed to go to church with my family– but to fulfill my promise to myself, I also needed to go to a new church (Her church is Church of … Continue reading