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My 52 Weeks of Worship at Stanford Memorial Church

To view my sermon at Memorial Church, entitled “With All My Heart” click here.  (If you prefer audio, you can listen to via itunes at Stanford University Public Worship) When this project began in 2010, I started it for three main reasons: Healing, Connection, and Remembrance. As I walk through the 10th year of the … Continue reading

Navigating Sacred Spaces- My52WOW- Brooklyn

I finally completed my 52nd worship experience in Brooklyn. My52WOW-BK was the second full iteration of My 52 Weeks of Worship — the first was a global, spiritual, interfaith journey, now documented in my book, and shared through My TEDx talk, Navigating Sacred Spaces. The “My 52 Weeks of Worship Project” started when I made a commitment to visit a different … Continue reading

My52WOW-BK and My TEDx talk

My52WOW-Brooklyn has been different than My First 52 Weeks and different than every year in between. I put no geographic restrictions on the first 52 Weeks. At the time I was living in Chicago and grieving deeply at the loss of my father, my grandmother, and the end of a serious relationship. As a result, … Continue reading

Looking Beyond: My52WOW at TEDx Lincoln Square on 3/27

I am now over halfway through My52WOW- BK. This past weekend was week 32! I have really enjoyed every single experience I have had at the places of worship I have visited in Brooklyn. It has been different than the first My52WOW in many ways, and I look forward to sharing more about each experience … Continue reading

My52WOW-BK, Week 7 – The Church of Gethsemane

When I woke up this morning, I was not sure what kind of worship experience I wanted to have. I decided I would crowdsource – calling on my Facebook friends to help me make a decision. I posted the following as my Facebook status: Y’all want to help me pick a spot to visit for … Continue reading

My52WOW- BK, Week 10: The Parish of Saint Paul and Saint Agnes

#47 of The 52 Things I Learned During (the First) 52 Weeks of Worship said, “There is a Catholic mass starting or ending all the time, somewhere, nearby.” As I noted in the book, “As my (first) 52-week journey continued, I found myself, more than once, in bed on a Sunday morning trying to motivate … Continue reading

My 52WOW-BK Week 3: Brooklyn Heights Synagogue

“Are you here for the naming ceremony?” said the woman at the door. She threw me off, as it made me think that what I thought was going to be a normal Friday night Shabbat service was some sort of family service. She saw the look on my face (confused, no doubt), introduced herself, and … Continue reading

My 52 Weeks of Worship – the Brooklyn (BK) edition — Weeks 1 and 2

#10 of the 52 things that I learned during the 52 Things I Learned During 52 Weeks of Worship was: “Google First and Then Go.” #47 was: “There is a Catholic mass starting or ending all the time, somewhere, nearby.” Both were inspirations for my pick for Week 1 of My 52 Weeks of Worship … Continue reading

My 52 Weeks of Worship on the Innovation Ecosystem Podcast

Originally posted on My 52 Weeks of Worship Project:
I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Mark Bidwell’s innovation podcast. In it I share the My 52 Weeks of Worship story, discuss my commitment to being a life long learner, the power of creativity and improvisation, and what you can learn when you create a practice…

Why Lying Broken In a Pile On Your Bedroom Floor is a Good Idea

Originally posted on My 52 Weeks of Worship Project:
My visit to a Hindu temple last November left me thinking – boy do I have alot to learn about the Hindu religion. ALOT. So, this article in the fantastic elephant journal resonated with me as it gave me a little more insight into a particular Hindu…