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The Kindness of Strangers – Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness in Chicago

One of the motivating factors for My 52 Weeks of Worship Project is a desire to soak in the kindness of strangers as a means for healing and connection. A project, started by a friend and colleague, Ed Duffy, embodies the spirit of the kindness of strangers. Ed, among other things is a digital storyteller, … Continue reading

First female pastor at a Louisville Unitarian Church is…a roller derby girl.

There is so much to love about this story. The first woman pastor in more than a century at a Louiville church, after a short time leading the Unitarian congregation, “comes out”, in dramatic fashion as a member of the roller derby team from across town. She is Pastor Dawn Cooley, also known as “Liv … Continue reading

How strong are your beliefs? Do they inspire you to fight for victory while not compromising what you believe?

Watch this inspiring story about an all girls basketball team at W.D. Mohammad High School, a Muslim school for girls in Georgia. They went from 0-20 to 21-1 in two years under the coaching of Fard Abdur-Rahman. He coaches in the memory of his sister, who was killed by her boyfriend 8 years ago, after … Continue reading

For Franciscan Twins, Simple Lives Had Depth

ST.   They were like paired birds of Franciscan brown. If Brother Julian was gardening in front of the friary, Brother Adrian weeded in the back. If Adrian was driving the van, Julian sat by his side. Preparing the altar for chapel, chopping wood for kindling, exulting in ice cream at the Twist & Shake, … Continue reading

Nun turns 103, Celebrates With Polka


PBS Documentary: The Calling

http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/calling/ I watched a short version of this PBS documentary at the Chicago Cultural Center on Saturday and it was very thought-provoking. I recommend it – it really gets into the mind of “regular people” who hear the calling, have to figure out how to answer it, and how to reconcile their service in ministry … Continue reading