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Do you need to have the same religious beliefs in order to be in a successful marriage?

Interesting article from Jesse Bering on Slate about whether or not couples need to have the same religious beliefs in order to be in a successful marriage. What do you think?

Contemplating the Serenity Prayer at The Open Door

Because people know about my interest in all things faith and worship related, I receive many invitations to participate in different religion and spirituality experiences and experiments. A good friend of mine, Dereca Blackmon and her partner in ministry, Karen Fry are starting a new community called the Open Door. You can find out more … Continue reading

Reminds me of #36: My52WOW Book Club Pick: The Book of Romans

I just returned from the bookstore. And first, let me say, bookstores are some of my favorite places in the world. I know they are closing right and left. People are buying Kindles and Nooks, and eReaders all over the place. I don’t have any (although I spend almost all my time on my laptop … Continue reading

Last Shabbat Service of 2012 – May I Suggest This Is the Best Part of Your Life?

In Week 48 of the first 52 weeks of My 52 Weeks of Worship, I had the pleasure of visiting Temple Sinai in my hometown of Atlanta. I ended up there because of the one rule that governed my year-long journey: “If someone invited me to worship at their place of worship, I had to … Continue reading

May 25-28: Pilgrimmage of Trust: Brother Emmanuel from Taizé, France will be visiting the US and Canada

During Week 51 of The First 52 Weeks, I visited a Taizé service with my family at All Saints Church in Pasadena, California. It was a peaceful and deligtful experience. Early last year, I attended another at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, a church that had been part of The First 52 Weeks as well – although … Continue reading

What will we tell our children?

As I told my friends about my 52 Weeks of Worship project, one of the things that I heard frequently from my friends with small children (and most of my friends who have children have small children) was, “Wow, that’s so great! I should do something like that, because I need to figure out what to … Continue reading

Do you text, tweet, and surf in your place of worship?

…And is that okay? Cynthia Stargell, a minister of music and entrepreneur thinks not. She has launched a campaign called “Respect for the House of God,” focused on taking back the sacred space from technology. What do you think? Has technology, and the urge to “Stay Connected” taken over the time that is supposed to … Continue reading

All American Muslim – The Reality Show

In January of this Year, the Chicago Tribune’s Page wrote an article sharing that “It Couldn’t Hurt to Have a Muslim Cosby Show.”  The premise was that the Cosby Show opened the door so America could look into the lives of a middle class Black family, and learn what that looked like. Although others disagreed, … Continue reading

The Kindness of Strangers – Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness in Chicago

One of the motivating factors for My 52 Weeks of Worship Project is a desire to soak in the kindness of strangers as a means for healing and connection. A project, started by a friend and colleague, Ed Duffy, embodies the spirit of the kindness of strangers. Ed, among other things is a digital storyteller, … Continue reading

First female pastor at a Louisville Unitarian Church is…a roller derby girl.

There is so much to love about this story. The first woman pastor in more than a century at a Louiville church, after a short time leading the Unitarian congregation, “comes out”, in dramatic fashion as a member of the roller derby team from across town. She is Pastor Dawn Cooley, also known as “Liv … Continue reading