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Wishing a Blessed Mabon to all who celebrate it

Some of us are celebrating the arrival of a new season…fall. At the same time, members of many earth-based religious communities are celebrating one of their major festivals – Mabon, one that I was able to experience during Week 38 of My first 52 weeks with a members of Wiccan coven in Illinois. Mabon, or … Continue reading

Happy Winter Solstice! A view from a Wiccan Priestess about the celebration of the holiday

Sometime between late last night and early this morning, we experienced the end of autumn, and the beginning of Winter – the Winter Solstice. This moment is celebrated by many faith traditions and cultures across the world. The Los Angeles Times reports on a new wave of interest in celebrating the Winter Solstice,¬†which has been … Continue reading

New outdoor worship site dedicated at AFA

¬† Today a brand-new worship site for Earth-centered spirituality community was dedicated at the Air Force Academy. The site is located on hilltop between Visitor’s Center and Cadet Chapel. The site is open to all faith groups, but priority is given to Earth-centered spiritual groups, such as Wicca, Pagan, etc. It’s part of the AFA’s … Continue reading