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Reminds me of #36: My52WOW Book Club Pick: The Book of Romans

I just returned from the bookstore. And first, let me say, bookstores are some of my favorite places in the world. I know they are closing right and left. People are buying Kindles and Nooks, and eReaders all over the place. I don’t have any (although I spend almost all my time on my laptop … Continue reading

Many celebrating Easter and Passover all over the world

                There are many perspectives and articles around the world today about Passover and Easter, two important holidays for Jews and Christians around the world. To read the article pictured above, visit: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/04/05/2733893/passover-and-easter-have-much.html. A blessed Easter and Passover to those who observe. Here’s to celebrations full of family, … Continue reading

The Three Interfaith Amigos

TED is a non-profit that is committed to providing a platform for “riveting ideas by remarkable people.” I am a big fan of TED, the cool people that speak at all of their events, and the fascinating ideas and concepts that are shared on their stages. In this video, “The Three Interfaith Amigos” – a … Continue reading

It’s Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!

Christians around the world are preparing to celebrate Christmas, the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that many are visiting Bethlehem this Christmas Eve; around the world many are preparing for their many commercial, cultural, and religious traditions. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate around the world!

Making new friends in the Mile High City: Visiting the East Denver Church of Christ

This weekend, I found myself in the Mile High City –Denver, and before I found a place to watch Tim Tebow in the Broncos v Patriots game, I first did some research to find a place to worship. I drove down the hill from Evergreen, Colorado, where I will be working for the week, into … Continue reading

A Call to Embrace The Struggle

In wandering around the internet, I found a great new site called Urban Cusp.  The tagline for the site is Lifestyle. Faith. Culture. Social Change. Fascinating. On the site, I found an interesting perspective on how faith manifests itself in one person’s life, and within a specific community. The author, Lauren Maxwell, intertwines ministry, culture, history … Continue reading

From Christian, to Muslim…to Rastafarian

A curious story…the son of a Pentecostal preacher sues the government and wins. It appears that a prospective employer required him to cut his hair – something that did not agree with the Rastafarian faith that he began practicing after his journey took him from Christianity to Islam to Rastafarianism.  Read the story in the Roanoke … Continue reading

A New My52WOW Book Club Book: Mere Christianity

To graduate from The Westminster Schools of Atlanta, my alma mater, students were required to take classes in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Westminster is a non-denominational Christian college preparatory school. I remember my New Testament course being “Tag-Taught” by two individuals, Dr. First Teacher, and Mr. Other Teacher (names changed of course, … Continue reading

Belief vs Action: Do Christians need a Ramadan?

In my continued research to learn about the holy days of different worship traditions,  I found this article where a Christian author considers the lessons that he thinks Ramadan offers to non-Muslims. In the spirit of interfaith learning and understanding, and in honor of the beginning of Ramadan, I am posting the whole thing. Comments and perspectives welcome … Continue reading

Where Worship Never Pauses – the International House of Prayer (Yes, IHOP.)

As part of my first fifty two weeks, I intended to visit ChiHop (The Chicago House of Prayer), but never could make it work on a Monday night. After reading this article, I think I might like to put it back on the list and check it out. If anyone in Chicago wants to come … Continue reading