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Turning over Worship to the Children

As I have been in conversation with others about My 52 Weeks of Worship, there has been interest and inquiries about the worship communities that I have visited along the way. When I posted the list of places that I visited in the first 52 weeks of my journey, I remember a comment in response … Continue reading

Black women are among country’s most religious groups

Black women are among most the religious people in U.S.: A new nationwide survey conducted by The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation reveals that black women are among the most religious people in the country. The quote above is from a Washington Post article that explored different religious beliefs and experiences from a Black woman’s … Continue reading

A New Saint, and a Native American Catholic Mass

At the end of the first 52 weeks of my journey, I found the Kateri Center of Chicago, which serves American Indian Catholics throughout Chicago.  I tried to visit, but unfortunately, due to a mixup in times, I missed out. I did, however, go to a Native American Mass in the second 52 weeks of … Continue reading

A Call to Embrace The Struggle

In wandering around the internet, I found a great new site called Urban Cusp.  The tagline for the site is Lifestyle. Faith. Culture. Social Change. Fascinating. On the site, I found an interesting perspective on how faith manifests itself in one person’s life, and within a specific community. The author, Lauren Maxwell, intertwines ministry, culture, history … Continue reading

The Root Recommends: Transition 105: ‘Blacks, Jews, and Black Jews’

As the magazine nears its 50th anniversary this year, the latest issue offers a fresh take on the “black-Jewish” dialogue. Titled “Blacks, Jews, and Black Jews,” issue 105 explores the relationship between blacks and Jews through a variety of lenses: the Israel issue, Igbo Jews celebrating Hanukkah in Nigeria and President Barack Obama. http://www.theroot.com/buzz/root-recommends-transition-105-blacks-jews-and-black-jews

Church of England backs ban on racial bigotry

LONDON — The Church of England’s governing body has moved closer to barring priests from belonging to political parties that disagree with the church’s teaching on racial equality. Tuesday’s vote in support of draft legislation targets membership in anti-immigrant groups including the English Defense League and the British National Party. The proposed change in church … Continue reading

Brooklyn Immigrant Congregations Clash

The Rev. Zhaodeng Peng leads the growing Chinese congregation of Tian Fu United Methodist Church, which shares a building with a dwindling Latino congregation in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The United Methodist church in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, is anything but united. Kirsten Luce for The New York Times Chinese ushers wait to begin their church services … Continue reading

Newcomers From Russia Are Reviving a Church

James Estrin/The New York Times The Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity has come alive again, due in part to the efforts of the Rev. Vladimir Alexeev. New York’s history is recorded in its desolate churches, where once-packed pews have given way to eerie silence after the children of immigrants followed opportunity beyond the neighborhoods … Continue reading