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Muslim and Hindu Exchange Students, Jewish teens learn about religions

Something that has intrigued me on this ongoing spiritual journey is the topic of how culture and religious beliefs are passed from parent to child. Because of this, I found this Washington post article fascinating – it highlights a program by Congregation Beth El in Bethesda and AFS Intercultural Programs brings together U.S. and international teens of different … Continue reading

August 4, 2011 is Nag Panchami

So…I have said many times that I have much to learn about Hindu worship traditions. During my first 52 weeks, I avoided taking tours and classes, and focused on stepping into worship experiences and just trying to take it all in. I have decided recently, however, that I am going to go back to the … Continue reading

Why Lying Broken In a Pile On Your Bedroom Floor is a Good Idea

My visit to a Hindu temple last November left me thinking – boy do I have alot to learn about the Hindu religion. ALOT. So, this article in the fantastic elephant journal resonated with me as it gave me a little more insight into a particular Hindu deity. But even more importantly, it was just … Continue reading

Swimsuit designer Lisa Blue outrages Hindus by depicting goddess Lakshmi on skimpy bathing suits

Indian activists of the right-wing Hindu organisation Shiv Sena hold photocopies of models wearing swimwear featuring Hindu goddess Lakshmi during a demonstration in Amritsar   A swimwear runway show crossed the line from sexy to sacrilegious, according to a group of outraged Hindus.Designer Lisa Burke, chief designer of the line Lisa Blue Swimwear, said she … Continue reading