Prayers of the People

Along my journey, I have always been touched by community prayer from the body of the faithful. Often in services there is something called “Prayers of the People” where members of the congregation sit in silence, and people are invited to share what is on their hearts.

Often the “Prayers of the People” start with prayers by the worship leader focused on world events – praying for peace in the world, prayer for world leaders, and prayer for healing for tragedies in the community or in the world.

Then, members of the congregation speak their concerns aloud, while everyone listens. When this section is over, then the congregation prays as a whole over the concerns that have been shared.

During my first 52 weeks, I was always blessed when this happened – either when I shared a prayer and others prayed for me, or others shared their concern and I prayed for them.

This page is a virtual “Prayers of the People.” If you have a concern or prayer request (anonymous or not), email it to me at my52wow@gmail.com, and I will post it here. Or, leave your concern or prayer request in a comment.

The hope is that you will be blessed by anyone, of any faith, who may stop by here, see your concerns and prayer requests, and remember you in their quiet time.

Prayers of the People

Prayers for Adrian Peterson and his family

Prayers for Boston

Prayers for the family of Rick Warren, Author of A Purpose Driven Life

Prayers for all the sacred spaces all over the world, and those who go there to pray

Prayers for the family and friends of those who lost their lives in Libya

Prayers for the members of the Sikh community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Prayers for the people of Aurora, Colorado

Prayers for Nigeria, and for all those affected by the crash of Dana Airways Flight 0992 in Lagos, Nigeria

Prayers for the family, friends, and loved ones of Trayvon Martin

Prayers for Whitney Houston, everyone who loved her, and everyone who was touched by her talents

Prayers for Nigeria: When religion is wielded as a weapon, nobody wins

Prayers for Steve Jobs

Prayers for Courage

Prayers for Amy Winehouse, her family, her friends and her fans

Prayers for Norway

Prayers for the family and friends of those who lost their lives in the Bronx Bus Crash

Prayers for the People of Japan


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