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What do you do when you can’t fix, control, explain, change, or understand it?

Franciscan priest Richard Rohr shares the following in an article posted on the CNN Belief Blog: “There always will be at least one situation in our lives that we cannot fix, control, explain, change or even understand,” he says. This caught my eye immediately, as it was a number of situations just like this that … Continue reading

Keeping Your Spirit Lifted – The Optimistic Diversity Radio Show

Part of the reason why “The First 52 Weeks” turned into an ongoing project was because I realized that my life was being blessed by a focus on continuing to see and experience God everywhere. Although there are 3 main churches where I now find myself worshipping when I am in Chicago, I still continue … Continue reading

Faith, Fasting, Football: The story of the Fordson High School football team

Skokie is a suburb north of Chicago that is known for having a large Jewish population. But on this September 11th evening, I hopped in my car and headed to a movie theatre in Skokie – one of only three in Chicago – that is playing a movie about a Muslim community. The movie was … Continue reading

The 9/11 Decade: Small Leaps of Faith

  As the tenth anniversary of 9/11/2001 approaches, there are many stories emerging about attempts to encourage understanding between people of different faith communities. I enjoyed reading this New York Times article about this phenomenon. The more we can understand each other and the ways we worship, the better for us all, I think.  Read … Continue reading

Random Acts of Pizza

I simply love this. Sometimes it is just nice to do something nice for someone else. Check out the news story about Random Acts of Pizza, and if you want to support Dan Roger’s endeavour and send a pizza to someone who could use a boost, click here to check out his site.  

A New My52WOW Book Club Book: Mere Christianity

To graduate from The Westminster Schools of Atlanta, my alma mater, students were required to take classes in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Westminster is a non-denominational Christian college preparatory school. I remember my New Testament course being “Tag-Taught” by two individuals, Dr. First Teacher, and Mr. Other Teacher (names changed of course, … Continue reading

Religious Groups Set Prayer Vigil for U.S. Debt Deal

  WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Across the street from the U.S. Capitol in the small north lawn of the United Methodist Building, Christians, Muslims and Jews will pray on Tuesday for the country’s budget, and hope to teach Republicans and Democrats a lesson in compromise. So far, nothing else has worked, not even President Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

The things you see while walking along Michigan Avenue

It is summer in Chicago. The taste of Chicago has started, and the first African American fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha is having their national convention at the Hilton and Towers on Michigan Avenue. But that is not all that is happening on Michigan Avenue. In the space of a few blocks, I saw all of … Continue reading

A place of worship as a witness

In the course of some business travel, I found myself at the World Trade Center PATH station in Lower Manhattan. As I exited the train station, in the middle of the throngs of people – all moving quickly in whatever direction they were headed, it was hard not to think about September 11th, and how crazy … Continue reading

Church of the Great Outdoors

Today in Chicago, it is raining. But last weekend, inspired by some time that I spent in Golden, Colorado, and by a friend who encouraged me to choose the “Church of the Great Outdoors,” as my weekly place of worship, I took a walk by the always beautiful Lake Michigan, and reflected on the fact … Continue reading