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Keeping Your Spirit Lifted – The Optimistic Diversity Radio Show

Part of the reason why “The First 52 Weeks” turned into an ongoing project was because I realized that my life was being blessed by a focus on continuing to see and experience God everywhere. Although there are 3 main churches where I now find myself worshipping when I am in Chicago, I still continue to visit different places of worship when I am invited, or when the spirit moves me.

In continuing to maintain a daily focus on keeping my spirits lifted, and trying to focus on people who are using their faith and their talents to help each other and contribute to positivity to the day to day lives of others, I discovered a daily online radio show called Optimistic Diversity.

Along with reading from My 52 WOW book club book, and continuting a daily practice of prayer and meditation, I find myself tuning into this online radio show as well.  It is one of the things that I find has helped me to stay committed to my goal  to stay focused on active and intentional spirituality.

The radio show always includes an “Optimistic verse,” from the Bible, and often shares an uplifting song or book as well. The themes of the show vary from day to day, but focuses on optimism and living life intentionally in many different areas – personally, professionally, in health, in faith, and in communion with others.

The times I have listened, I have come away feeling uplifted. I invite you to check it out!

Click here to listen the Optimistic Diversity show, and see archives of previous shows.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Spirit Lifted – The Optimistic Diversity Radio Show

  1. This just saved my ass, I love you!

    Soul Cachaca


    Posted by maksud28 | October 2, 2011, 11:38 am

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