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Looking Beyond: My52WOW at TEDx Lincoln Square on 3/27

Pamay Bassey (1)I am now over halfway through My52WOW- BK. This past weekend was week 32! I have really enjoyed every single experience I have had at the places of worship I have visited in Brooklyn. It has been different than the first My52WOW in many ways, and I look forward to sharing more about each experience with you in the upcoming weeks.

For today, I would like to share that I will be a speaker at TEDx Lincoln Square on 3/27. The theme is: Looking Beyond, and I will share the My52WOW story  and some of the things I have learned along this now 7+ year journey.

You can view the TedX livestream starting on 3/27 at 10AM Eastern Time at http://www.tedxlincolnsquare.com/livestream. Please watch, and let me know your thoughts!



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