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Tisha B’Av, the “saddest day in the Jewish calendar.”

As I was reading and learning about the tradition of fasting in different worship tradtions, I came across Ramadan, which is going on now, as well as other traditions that I mentioned in a blog post a few days ago. I also learned about Tisha B’Av, which is a Jewish holiday where the faithful lament … Continue reading

The Root Recommends: Transition 105: ‘Blacks, Jews, and Black Jews’

As the magazine nears its 50th anniversary this year, the latest issue offers a fresh take on the “black-Jewish” dialogue. Titled “Blacks, Jews, and Black Jews,” issue 105 explores the relationship between blacks and Jews through a variety of lenses: the Israel issue, Igbo Jews celebrating Hanukkah in Nigeria and President Barack Obama. http://www.theroot.com/buzz/root-recommends-transition-105-blacks-jews-and-black-jews

Tahara: Respect for the dead and comfort for the living

Traditional Jewish ritual of preparing a body for burial is making a comeback with liberal congregations Hands join in to tie the garments on a volunteer at a training seession for a group learning to perform the ritual bathing and dressing of a body before a Jewish burial, called tahara. (Chuck Berman, Chicago Tribune / … Continue reading

Jewish group fights for chaplain monument at Arlington

  Arlington, Virginia (CNN) – Three German torpedoes ripped through the icy waters of the Atlantic off the coast of Greenland. On February 2, 1943, the USS Dorchester was transporting 902 U.S. servicemen to war. Only one torpedo hit, but it struck a deathblow – killing scores instantly and resetting the ship’s course to the … Continue reading

Holocaust Survivor Has Bar Mitzvah at 83


Alysa Stanton, First Black Female Rabbi, Will Leave N.C Congregation

Alysa Stanton, who made headlines when she became the country’s first black woman rabbi, will be leaving her Greenville, N.C. pulpit — after the congregation that hired her less than two years ago decided not to renew her contract. Stanton said the decision to leave was not hers, and that she fully intends to serve … Continue reading

Exotic Dancer turned Hasidic Jew in court with ex-husband over child’s religious upbringing. What do you think?

Elina Margolina tries to shield herself from photographers as she heads to court Wednesday at the Daley Center in a custody battle against her ex-husband Nelson Derbigny (right). She was an exotic dancer at the Admiral Theatre, and he was the club’s manager, when Nelson Derbigny said he met Elina Margolina in 1995. The two … Continue reading

Wounded Arizona congresswoman had strengthened Jewish identity

One detail popping up in many of the profiles of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to appear since she was shot on Saturday is that the congresswoman has increasingly come to define herself as a Jew. Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006, Giffords was the first Jewish woman from Arizona to serve in Congress. The JTA reports that … Continue reading

Some Israelis Question Benefits for Ultra-Religious

 Ultra-Orthodox men and boys at a synagogue in Jerusalem this month. More than 60 percent of ultra-Orthodox men do not work. JERUSALEM — Chaim Amsellem was certainly not the first Parliament member to suggest that most ultra-Orthodox men should work rather than receive welfare subsidies for full-time Torah study. But when he did so last … Continue reading