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Nothing like great music…reminds me of #32…

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of returning to my home church, Trinity United Church of Christ for the early service. On the way there and back in my car, and throughout the service (courtesy of the powerful Men’s Chorus),  I was blessed by energetic and wonderful gospel music, and was reminded once again about … Continue reading

The Forgiving Victim: Perspectives on Faith vs. Religion

As the My52WOW journey continues, I am fortunate to run into many different interesting individuals who are energized by discussions about religion, spirituality, and how we can reach out to others to jump-start interfaith dialogue and understanding. I also run into many organizations who fall into the same categories. At an event at Chicago’s WBEZ … Continue reading

Perspective: How Should Politics and Religion Interact

My own personal politics notwithstanding, I made a commitment to watch all three days of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida last week. I will watch the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte as well. Watching it made me think of many things – one of which was – the intertwined nature (for better … Continue reading

This reminds me of #18….

Today, I read a number of headlines that reminded me that “Religion Gone Wild” is alive and well. One Facebook friend made the comment, “For all my Christian friends. FIX YOUR HOUSE NOW. Your faith is becoming disgusting.” – in response to a story about Terry Jones at the Dove Outreach Center in Gainseville, Fla  … Continue reading

The Fierce Urgency of Now – Why We, Too, Are Shaima Al Awadi

It doesn’t take much to look around this world and see that there is a need for understanding and love, instead of fear and hate. Still reeling from the death of Trayvon Martin, the resulting protests and revelations, and stories that abound about people who die every day in this world unjustly, I was shocked … Continue reading

What will we tell our children?

As I told my friends about my 52 Weeks of Worship project, one of the things that I heard frequently from my friends with small children (and most of my friends who have children have small children) was, “Wow, that’s so great! I should do something like that, because I need to figure out what to … Continue reading

The Three Interfaith Amigos

TED is a non-profit that is committed to providing a platform for “riveting ideas by remarkable people.” I am a big fan of TED, the cool people that speak at all of their events, and the fascinating ideas and concepts that are shared on their stages. In this video, “The Three Interfaith Amigos” – a … Continue reading

You are the strongest person I know…

During my first 52 weeks, I investigated the concept of being strong. Often, I think – if you subscribe to a specific faith, people expect that you are strong, that you don’t worry, and that you don’t have any problems. If you are human, no matter how you worship, that is not always the case. Often I … Continue reading

Do you text, tweet, and surf in your place of worship?

…And is that okay? Cynthia Stargell, a minister of music and entrepreneur thinks not. She has launched a campaign called “Respect for the House of God,” focused on taking back the sacred space from technology. What do you think? Has technology, and the urge to “Stay Connected” taken over the time that is supposed to … Continue reading

A Call to Embrace The Struggle

In wandering around the internet, I found a great new site called Urban Cusp.  The tagline for the site is Lifestyle. Faith. Culture. Social Change. Fascinating. On the site, I found an interesting perspective on how faith manifests itself in one person’s life, and within a specific community. The author, Lauren Maxwell, intertwines ministry, culture, history … Continue reading