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What do you do when beliefs and the reality of your life collide?

Single, Female, Mormon, Alone By NICOLE HARDY Published: January 7, 2011 Of all the places I felt sure I’d never go, Planned Parenthood topped the list. Because, you know, they perform abortions and give condoms to kids, or so I’d been warned. Yet one spring afternoon found me in its waiting room next to a … Continue reading

Where should I worship this weekend?

After a year of knowing that I had to find a place to worship, and more recently, having a targeted list of places that I wanted to visit by the end of the year – I am wondering what I will do this weekend? Go back to my home church (which I went to for … Continue reading

Do you get mad or do you say thanks?

Many mad at God in tough times…Although people rarely talk about it, almost everyone experiences anger toward God at some point in their lives, commonly after the diagnosis of a serious illness, the death of a loved one or a trauma.In fact, nearly two out of three people report that they’ve felt angry at God, … Continue reading