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Religious paper apologizes for erasing Clinton from iconic photo

By Jessica Ravitz, CNN (CNN) – Faith has outweighed fact at Di Tzeitung, a Hasidic newspaper based in Brooklyn, New York. The ultra-Orthodox Jewish publication ran a doctored copy of the iconic “Situation Room Photo” last Friday – you know, the one taken of President Barack Obama and his national security team during the raid … Continue reading

New outdoor worship site dedicated at AFA

  Today a brand-new worship site for Earth-centered spirituality community was dedicated at the Air Force Academy. The site is located on hilltop between Visitor’s Center and Cadet Chapel. The site is open to all faith groups, but priority is given to Earth-centered spiritual groups, such as Wicca, Pagan, etc. It’s part of the AFA’s … Continue reading

Cuccinelli says gun in worship service permissible

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has issued a legal opinion that it is lawful in Virginia to carry a weapon into a worship service for personal protection. But he also says a place of worship, like any other owner of private property, can bar guns. Cuccinelli issued the opinion Friday in response to a query from Del. Mark L. Cole, R-Spotsylvania. Cole had tried … Continue reading

Supreme Court OKs State-Funded Vouchers for Religious Schools and Bars Challenges

  In a decision that will eventually be seen as a major turning point in First Amendment law, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld an Arizona scheme to subsidize religious schools. By a 5-4 vote, the Court ruled that people who oppose vouchers on principle have no standing to challenge it on Constitutional grounds. … Continue reading

Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ The Latest Pop Song To Take On Religion

This week, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” was finally knocked off the top of the Billboard Hot 100, but the next single from Born This Wayseems ready to appear and take its place in the pantheon of her great singles. The lyrics to the song leaked this morning (Thursday, March 31), and as the title suggests, the track uses a … Continue reading

Chicago clears way for protests outside houses of worship

Anyone wondering why Elizabeth Taylor’s family insisted on a private memorial for the Hollywood superstar need only turn to Westboro Baptist Church for part of the answer. Members had threatened to picket outside the funeral as sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court a few weeks ago. There could be similar demonstrations outside houses of worship … Continue reading

Hard Partying and Bible Study…at the Fraternity House

Where Raucous Is the Norm, Bible Study Noe Flores of DePauw was among 475 fraternity and sorority members who gathered to learn about Christian recruiting. INDIANAPOLIS — Imagine 475 college students — all members of fraternities and sororities around the country — flooding a hotel for a weekend. Imagine, come Sunday, that not one noise … Continue reading

In an Amish village, the SEC alleges a Madoff-like fraud

The personal assets of Monroe L. Beachy, a 77-year-old Amish man, included a horse, buggy and harness. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, his skills included financial fraud. Beachy spent a quarter-century raising $33 million from more than 2,600 investors, the overwhelming majority of them fellow members of the Amish community, which often shuns … Continue reading

Hey Illinois – Looks like prayer is back in the schools.

Is this a good thing, or a not so good thing, what do you think?   Schools may again require moment of silence.   Students could begin the class day with quiet time as soon as next week.   January 14, 2011|By Tara Malone, Tribune reporter Illinois education officials on Friday alerted schools that the … Continue reading

Obamas Make Rare Trip to Church While in Hawaii

KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii (AP) — President Barack Obama and his family are making a rare Sunday trip to church. The Obamas arrived at St. Michael’s Chapel mid-morning. The church is located on the Marine Corps base where Obama frequently golfs and goes to the gym during his Hawaiian vacations. The Obamas were seated in the … Continue reading