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Perspectives, The First 52 Weeks

What do you think of this approach to worship?

This morning I went to visit nuChurch Chicago, which meets at the Webster Place theater on the North Side of Chicago. My reaction to the service was the same as when I saw Pastor Steve preach last year at foglife4life. What do you think of Pastor Steve’s approach:

Steve “Stone” Huff, the Pastor of Fog Life For Life, is also a musical artist. I believe that this is the video that I saw as part of the service I attended. This Christian R&B song is called “Love Me Like That.”

This is an example of how Pastor Steve “Stone” Huff uses popular music, images of “The Good Life”, and innovative media to communicate. This video is a recap of a sermon that he preached called “What are You Thinking.” (I was not at the church for that sermon.)


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