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Muslims Brave Violent Storm to Attend Friday Prayers

emb – I am always inspired by stories like this one where people’s faith is so important to them that they go above and beyond in order to honor their spiritual commitments. Whether the storm is a life challenge, or merely weather…sometimes you have to go through it in order to find a little peace.

“Open the gates of mercy for all of us,” Imam Maqsood Qadri prayed as congregants trickled in for Friday afternoon prayers at the Islamic Center of Ocean County in Toms River.

A violent storm had just rolled through the region, pouring down rain and hail, flooding roadways, and making travel dangerous. The communal prayer time, known as Jumu’ ah, was understandably more sparsely attended in the aftermath than it had been when Patch visited June 17.

To read the rest of the article: http://lacey.patch.com/articles/muslims-brave-violent-storm-to-attend-friday-prayers-2#c

Article: By Christine A. Scheller | Email the author | June 28, 2011

Photo Credit: Christine A. Scheller


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