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Is Meditation a Religion?

One truth that emerged from my 52 week journey is that meditation is one clear spiritual practice in which I believe. Just saying the word reminds me of my father. He always asked that I try meditation, practice meditation, believe in meditation. This is mostly because we had very similar minds – always ruminating, always turning over something in our heads, always creating action –reaction models of whatever we happened to be thinking about at that time.

When you have this sort of mind, I humbly say, it is hard to get any rest. If you are always thinking about something, it is important to be able to find a moment to quiet your mind so that you can function in some realm of peace. And meditation, I believe, is one of the things – the only thing –  that will afford me that kind of peace. It is a practice that is not easy to start, continue, or commit to.

But I believe it is worth it.

And anytime meditation was a part of a worship service that I attended, I thought of it as a gift, and a treat.

So, I found this Washington Post article interesting: Is Meditation A Religion?

What do you think?


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