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The Last Performance of Whitney Houston: Yes, Jesus Loves Me

All of us were affected when we heard the tragic news of Whitney Houston’s untimely death. We thought about the talent that she was, and how she touched so many with her beautiful songs and her memorable voice. When I saw the video of her last performance with gospel star, Kelly Price, I contemplated that her last performance was the song, “Yes, Jesus loves me.” It is no secret that Whitney had challenges during her life. But I would hope, that in her last hours, the light of her faith shone through any darkness she might have been battling.

View her last performance, and an interview by Kelly Price about how she and Whitney, “went back to their foundation,” when they sang that simple song of faith.

Do you have a faith that serves you in your darkest hour? In your time of need?

May the soul of the great Whitney Houston rest in perfect peace. Blessings and prayers to her family and loved ones.


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