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How powerful is your connection?

cleveland plain dealerIt’s Christmas eve and I am home in Atlanta. Tonight, I will attend a candlelight service at my mother’s church, which happens to be the church I visited in Week 8 of the first 52 Weeks of My 52 Weeks of Worship. Again, I am reminded of #45 of 52 Things that I Learned from My 52 Weeks of Worship – as I will be attending with my family in preparation for Christmas.

For those of us who return home for the holidays, wherever that may be, we may find ourselves attending a worship service with family – whether that be the place we worshipped as we grew up, or the place we are attending at the insistence of family.

The challenge is to consider: How powerful is the connection that you have at that place of worship? How powerful,authentic, and functional is your connection to the Divine, to God, to Spirit? Do you have a home- a place where you can grow spiritually and contribute to the growth of those in your community?

Are there some changes that can be made to make that connection more powerful?

It may not take a commitment to visit to a different place of worship every week (although that worked for me) – but it might be worth deciding what small, incremental steps we can make to put an emphasis on spiritual development in 2013.

I really enjoyed this article by Regina Brett, author of “God Never Blinks,” and “Be The Miracle.” Maybe it will speak to you.

Happy Holidays!


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