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Reminds me of #30

This holiday weekend, I have been thinking a great deal about a dear friend of mine, Jenea James, whose life was recently and tragically cut short. Sharing memories with others who loved her, and thinking about the times that we shared made me think about #30 in the list of The 52 Things that I Learned From 52 Weeks of Worship:

The people that you love stay in your heart, and near your spirit even after they are gone from this earth.

Some have asked me how this journey has impacted me. In times where I don’t understand why something happens, I can call on the lessons learned by contemplating the gift of my father’s name – Nseabasi, which means, “I look to God.” It was my desire to honor my father’s memory, that started me on this worship journey in the first place.

Looking to God as I contemplate the life of a dear friend, and prepare to say a final goodbye to her.

In addition, I want to share this: The two songs , “I Give Myself Away,” and “Here I Come To Worship,” which come from my Christian worship tradition, have been in constant rotation for me today. I have been reminded over the past few days that this site, this worship journey has touched people; I have been contemplating the ways it changed me. If my story can bless anyone – that is a humbling and wonderful thought.

May God, however you perceive God to be, continue to bless you and keep you.



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