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New My52WOW Book Club Pick: God Walk Me Through This

walk me through thisSo, I have a confession to make – I am halfway through this book.

In September, I began preparing for a presentation at The Women’s Exchange in Winnetka, IL. During that presentation, I shared my top 10 list for regaining resilience after extreme loss. #8 of that list was the directive to “Create a routine that builds you up.”

It is something that I took to heart -creating a routine that included a re-commitment to start my day with something inspiring – reading something that would shore up my faith followed by meditation, and prayer.

My reading included two things:

1) Rereading a chapter of my book every morning –not because it is my book, necessarily, but because there is a great deal of wisdom packed in there from the 61 places of worship that I visited in The first 52 weeks of this journey, and because it reminded me how I walked through “my personally challenging year” that started this whole project. Those lessons come in handy – even as life’s difficulties continue to present themselves.

2) Reading from a devotional or some other inspiring text. The first book I read was the last My52WOW Book Club Pick: In His Footsteps: Be Happy In Every Situation.  When that was done, I picked up this, most recent book Club Pick: God Walk Me Through This. Both of these books were written by authors that I have met along the way during the journey of sharing my book and my story. This book is by Tracy Vinson. As her website shares, “Tracy Vinson is an author and a social worker at a family counseling agency.  She is also the founder of Words Speak Life LLC, a dynamic movement committed to helping people make it a practice to have positive thoughts and speech.”

Tracy does an excellent job of providing motivational and thought provoking devotionals – from a Christian perspective, which is the religion that I practice. I have made my way through the book, and it often provides me with something to think about, pray about, meditate about. It also directs me to scripture, the regular reading of which has helped me to deepen my spiritual practice.

I am far from perfect in my spiritual walk. My faith is strong, except when it is not. I still struggle, and make mistakes. But I am committed to the journey. And this My52WOW Book Club pick has helped me along the way.



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