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New My52WOW Book Club Pick: God The Father or Happiness In Your Hands, by J. Dominguez, M.D.

20160105_061134Happy New Year!

I know you haven’t heard much from the My5WOW Book Club, but that is because our last book club pick was a year-long daily devotional. It was a lovely choice, and allowed me to benefit from “365 Stories of remarkable people and the Scripture that changed their lives.” As 2015 ended up being a year of great change for me, the “One Year LifeVerse devotional” became a nice anchor for me.

And, it was my father’s book, as many of these book club choices have been. And that, by itself is a blessing to me.

I am excited to read a number of other selections from my father’s book selection. When searching for the next book club selection, 2 books in particular caught my eye. I am going to start with the shorter one, and I think it will likely take less than a month for me to read (remembering that I read a portion of the book every morning during my devotional time.)

The name of the new book club choice is: “God The Father or Happiness in Your Hands,” by J. Dominguez, M.D.

The tagline on this book, which appears to have been published in the 70s is: “Smile…God loves you! Be Happy, Please!…in ten days.”

Who can resist a book that promises happiness in 10 days?

Buckle up, it’s 2016. Let’s see what this wisdom this book club pick has to offer.



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