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Meditation Is Better Than Drugs

Russell Simmons says that meditation is better than drugs. What do you think?

Back in my music industry days, I would spend the majority of my nights getting high and chasing women. As a result, I would often wake up with a stranger in my bed and a toxic haze clouding my mind. I’d seemed like from the moment I opened my eyes, I’d be struggling to find a way to clear out the clutter I’d created. It was no way to start a day.

Thankfully I’ve learned through experience that I don’t like living that way. As a result, I don’t drink or smoke anymore and I try not to stay out too late either. Now when I get up, instead of trying to clean up the previous night’s mess, I simply turn over, light a candle, and meditate.

How long I meditate each morning varies–there are certain days that I might end up being still for up to an hour, but twenty minutes is always my minimum. Even if I’m tired or accidentally oversleep, I always make the time for meditation. I’ve become addicted (in a great way!) to that sense of peace and serenity that comes from simply resting in the perfection that is stillness. As I tell all my friends I used to get high with, seven hours of sleep followed by thirty minutes of mediation is like spiritual crack! Once you make it part of your routine, you’ll want it every day.

Druggies think getting high is the best, but when you’re out chasing that high, or money or even someone you want to have sex with, your brain becomes cluttered. No matter what you “get,” it still feels like they’re a thousand thoughts bouncing around in your head, all trying to make themselves heard at once. The beauty of meditation is that it by helping you slow down and focus, you can regain control of your own mind. It’s great knowing that when I wake up and begin my day with meditation, I know that I am going to be able to view the world from a vantage point rooted in stillness and peace, instead of one rooted in confusion and drama. It’s such an empowering feeling.

If you feel like meditation is something you’d like to experience, but it somehow feels foreign or intimidating, I’d suggest visiting http://www.tm.org/. I’ve had a lot of great experiences practicing Transcendental Meditation and would recommend it for everyone. You might also want to check out my new book Super Rich, which contains a chapter with very simple advice on how to start meditating and make it a consistent part of your routine.

As the ancient Yogis taught us, suffering exists in the world, but really on its’ surface. Deep inside all of us is an ocean filled with limitless energy, intelligence, and bliss. Meditation—simple, effortless meditation—is a great way to access that sea of bliss. Never forget that the old saying, “God helps those who help themselves,” is still true today. And my advice to anyone looking for away to help themselves is very simple: Meditate.


By Russell Simmons, May 16, 2011

Russell Simmons is the founder of GlobalGrind.com.


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