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You may have heard of speed-dating, but have you heard of speed-faithing?

timerI found this article and it made me laugh. My global, spiritual, interfaith journey took 52 weeks, 1 week at a time (well, truly, it continues to this day, but that was what kicked off the project). Little did I know that I could have condensed my experience into one night of speed-faithing. Googling it will reveal a number of different events all around the country. It’s all the rage, apparently. How intriguing!

“Here’s how it works: Representatives of eight faith traditions and an atheist group will be stationed at their own tables, where they’ll talk for 15 minutes about their respective beliefs and then answer questions. Every 20 minutes, they’ll begin again, so visitors can move from table to table.

The intent is to enlighten, educate and encourage interfaith cooperation, says Lisa Ryan, a staff assistant at UT’s Wellness Center, but “not to convert.” – Tampa Tribune

Here are a few links to articles about speed faithing:

Tampa Tribune: ‘Speed faithing is a quick way to learn about a lot of religions
Chicago Sun Times: “It’s like speed dating, from a religious point of view.”
Deseret News: Mormons well represented in ‘speed faithing’ event

What do you think? Would you be interested in participating in a speed faithing event?

image credit: http://theawesomer.com/time-out-timer-stool/193664/


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