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Wisdom from Week 36 – It is not too hard

gcandleThe great thing about going on a journey through hardship is that the lessons you learn, if you are lucky, stay with you forever. If anything else comes up in life that is challenging, you can draw from those lessons.

For the past day and a half, I have been meditating on a lesson that I learned during Week 36 of the First 52 Weeks of My 52 Weeks of Worship. The lesson takes up very little space in my telling of my time at Kam Israel Isaiah, a synagogue in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, but it is sustaining me this morning. And I offer it up to you – in the case that you are going through something and wondering if you have what it takes to handle that thing, to tackle that thing, to walk through that thing, even if you have to walk slowly. The lesson was this:

In the Torah portion of the service, (the Rabbi) focused on the fact that we should know that things are not too hard for us to do. Turning to God isn’t too hard; changing our ways isn’t too hard. She explained that whatever we needed to become the people we were called to be was in us already—we may need to relearn it, or to fire it up, but it was still in us.

Praying for you today that you remember who you are. Remember what you are made of. And remember that whatever it is you are wrestling with–it is not too hard for you.


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