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Judaism, Worship and Sports

Sports meets Worship: A Big Ten Basketball Player Wears A Yarmulke During A Game

Over the past few years, the My 52 Weeks of Worship Project has posted several stories about the intersection between religion and sports:

These are just a few stories of many more (We’re sure) that go unreported.


Today we add one more to the list.

The story of of Northwestern’s Aaron Liberman is just one more story of someone who chooses to pursue their athletic dreams, while honoring their religious and spiritual convictions.

We find that inspiring.

Yahoo sports reports:

Liberman is believed to be the only Orthodox Jew playing major college basketball, but he is not the first player to wear a yarmulke in a Division I game. The other player to do so was former Towson guard Tamir Goodman, who played in 2000 and 2001 and was nicknamed the “Jewish Jordan.”

The Chicago SunTimes reports:

Liberman also plans to wear a tzitzit, a knotted fringe or tassel worn on the corners of garments, underneath his jersey, a Northwestern spokesperson confirmed. 

Read the Yahoo Sports article here.
Read the Chicago Suntimes article here
Photo Credit: Big Ten Network


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