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What does the Vatican say about you auditioning at The Voice?


Enjoy this delightful clip of a Silician Nun auditioning for the Italian Voice, singing Alicia Keys  and winning over the audience

I have to say, I love to see examples of multi-dimensional individuals who have a strong faith.

This clip warmed  my heart. Watch it all the way through if you can – and if you don’t speak Italian (as I don’t), make sure you click the “cc” button so you can get English captions.

The judges had questions about the nun – her answers were fantastic. One exchange, to me, was powerful:

Judge: What does the Vatican say about you auditioning at The Voice?

Sister Cristina: Listen, I really don’t know. I am waiting for Pope  Francesco to call me on the phone.

Judge:  You do?

Sister Cristina: He always says we should go out and evangelize – telling God doesn’t take anything away from us but will give us more.

My52WOW says Bravo too.

Thanks to Jezebel.com for the clip and commentary: http://jezebel.com/watch-a-sicilian-nun-singing-alicia-keys-bring-a-rapper-1548742840/+dodai

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