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every eye beholds you: praying my way to independence day

every eye

So, there is a new addition to the My52WOW Book Club. Well, maybe not new, per se. I began this book weeks ago.

I was drawn to it – It was a part of my father’s vast library, much of which I inherited when he passed away. It is a “book filled with the riches of the spirit assembled from the traditions of many cultures over many year, demonstrating the universality of prayers…The essential prayers of all major religions are here, in their original language versions as well as English.”

I began this book a few weeks ago as it seemed like a beautiful addition to my spiritual reading endeavors. In it are included “prayers of consolation and celebration, prayers for help and  protection, rites of passage, blessings on human endeavors and hyms to that which is greater to humankind.” It is a My52WOW kind of book.

After I began reading it – I got distracted. I have moved to a new city, started a new job, and changed my life pretty completely. In the past few weeks, as I have tried out this routine and that one, my quiet time has lessened and disappeared. And that is never a good thing. The best version of me takes the time to pray, to meditate, to look to God and remember that I am not alone in this thing.

In the past few weeks, I have experienced some tough things – from the death of  a beloved aunt of mine to the death of a young sorority sister. Both were unexpected in their own way. I have tried courageously to struggle with the curveballs and challenges that life throws all of us. And I have been reminded that prayer is necessary.

I like projects – 52 weeks of this, 1 year of that 42 days of the other thing. So, I have picked up this book again and am allowing it to guide me to my most prayerful version of myself. Independence Day is about 2 months away…so, the plan is to “Pray My Way To Independence Day.” A time to just rest in the arms of a committed prayer practice. To bring my concerns and worries to God.  To soak in the prayers of so many people and cultures from all over the world, who had one thing in common – a desire to seek God’s face – to believe that there is a “force greater than humankind,” and that to sit in quiet contemplation of that force is wise. And necessary.

Feel free to read this book along with me. And let me know what you think about it.


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