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Soaking up Solitude…in a Tech-Drenched Time

el camino

As time has gone by, I have become less attached to my phone. I am becoming the person who has a full voicemail box, who has silenced all my smart phone indicators so a text will sit, unread, until I physically pick up the phone, and who is constantly challenging myself to leave my smartphone out of the bedroom so that I don’t delay sleep by scrolling mindlessly through news feeds, and so it is not the first thing I pick up when I wake up. I try to challenge myself to actually spend time with other people, or by myself, rather than in the in-between-space of connecting online. (Yes, I know it is a bit ironic that I am, right now, writing this blog post that you will read online. I never said I was perfect, just mindful :-).

It is for that reason that this article resonated with me. Clearly, I am someone who is interested by spiritual journeys. I have thought about walking El Camino many times…and have a good friend who did it and I loved hearing about it. I still may do it. But, I wonder, as this article does – is it even the same now that technology is so ever present? Would I want to take pictures and share them on social media? Would I have the strength to be so mindful and present that I would resist that urge and full soak up the solitude that made this pilgrimmage so spiritually valuable in the first place? Is that even an integral a piece of the process as was once thought?

Read through the article: Walking The Camino in the Age of Wi-Fi. I am interested to know what you think.


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